Japanese Text Original Sting Ray 1963-1967 by Tom Falconer

Product code: ISBN 4544040744
Collector's Originality Corvette Sting Ray 1963 -1967. Corvette C2 . ISBN 4544 040744 Tom Falconer Japanese version

ORIGINAL CORVETTE 1963 -1967 Car Graphic Books 2008 Japanese Translation by Toshiki Aihara

Author Tom Falconer owner of Claremont Corvette and this site, has driven a C2 Corvette convertible as his own car since 1971. His first was  a black 327-350hp, bought from Eric Burdon, then a blue 67 327-300hp and since  he restored her in 2002,  his well known white 1964 327-250   In his C2 books, he shares his deep mechanical knowledge  and tens of thousands of miles of driving experience.Now in Japanese! 112 pages all colour

ISBN 4544040744

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Product Code ISBN 4544040744
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