Collectors Originality Guide Corvette C4 1984 - 1996 by Tom Falconer

Product code: ISBN 9780760327937
Collector's Originality Guide Corvette C4 1984 -1996 Corvette . Tom Falconer Corvette Author

Collector's Originality Guide Corvette C4 1984 -1996 hardcover  MotorBooks 2008 

Author Tom Falconer owner of Claremont Corvette and this site, has driven, serviced and restored C4 Corvettes since their introduction in mid 1983. He bought and sold more than 200 C4s before retiring from car sales, and was a major supplier to Lotus Engineering in Hethel Norfolk from 1986 when they started developing the DOHC LT5 engine for the Corvette ZR1. In this book he shares his deep mechanical knowledge  and tens of thousands of miles of driving of the C4. This book is expensive because it's scarce and we only have a few copies left

ISBN 9780760327937

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Product Code ISBN 9780760327937
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